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Nordic Living

The arrival of Spring with longer, lighter days and (slightly) warmer temperatures, allows us to once again appreciate the benefits of living in the North!

At Books & Company, a visit from a film crew and upcoming events at the shop have been exciting reminders of what it means to live in Denmark.

It all started in February when DR (Danish Public Television) chose Books & Company as a location for their tv and radio license campaign – a campaign aimed at underscoring the value of paying into a common pot, thereby making it possible to offer a wide range of programming – something for everyone.

There is much talk these days about the creation of equal societies, the pros and cons of the Scandinavian model, the taxes, the productivity level and, of course, if (and how) we will be able to afford such societies in the future.

Whatever one might think about these thorny issues – and there are at least as many opinions as there are books on the subject – this little film highlighting the benefits of paying the public license (94 % of Danes actually pay) is a nice reminder of how contributing – be it to television programming, our own immediate community or society as a whole – can enrich all our lives, and be something to be proud of.

Another source of pride these days is the Nordic Kitchen. Not long ago, we weren’t even sure there was such a thing, but thanks to the Nordic food movement and restaurants like NOMA, we are all learning to appreciate produce we used to find dull and uncooperative.

But the Nordic kitchen is much more – and much more accessible – than the famous prize winning restaurant kitchens and at Books & Company we are very proud to be able to bring you two of the people at the very forefront of what we know as the Nordic food and organic and sustainable living movements in this country.

Trine Hahnemann, author of the bestselling books The Scandinavian Cookbook and The Nordic Diet will be paying us a visit on May 9th and Søren Ejlersen, co-founder of Aarstiderne, will be with us on May 16th. Both guests will be spicing up their talks with delicious samples!

For more on the events, the speakers and for signup, please go to Workshops, Talks and Events. If you have trouble signing up online, please send us an email at

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