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Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre is proud to present: Elsieandnorm

Elsie and Norm’s ”Macbeth”

A comedy written by John Christopher-Wood

Directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Performed by Jens Blegaa and Vanessa Poole

4 – 27 May 2016, on Thursdays and Fridays at 20:00

Ticket prices: 70kr students, 150kr adults and group discounts are available.
Where to buy:

A Touch of Vintage. Badstuestræde 12, 1209 København K.

In Elsie and Norm’s “Macbeth” you are invited to join English ex-pat couple, Elsie and Norm in their living room for a cup of tea and some culture. Usually they like to spend the evening playing Trivial Pursuit, but this time they have decided instead to treat you to a performance of Shakespeare’s classic play Macbeth. However, in their opinion Shakespeare’s script is too long and wordy, his poetry is rubbish (it doesn’t even rhyme) and the play has way too many characters, so they’ve simplified the original text, and play all roles themselves. Using the entire space to create the story’s magical underworld and dark castle, they use the things they have on hand to create their set; a bookshelf becomes a heath, potted plants turn into forests and tea sets turn into royal banquets. Elsie (played by Vanessa Poole) and Norm (played by Jens Blegaa) skillfully perform the various roles from Ladies to Lords and messengers to Kings. The audience ends up sitting in the middle of Macbeth’s castle while the show goes on around them. Macbeth is transformed into a fun and eccentric experience that the audience will remember for a very long time.

In celebration of the 400 years after Shakespeare’s death, Down the Rabbit Hole presents a different kind of homage to Shakespeare, which is funny and deeply clever. Shakespeare is known as the world’s greatest playwright for his poetic expression, his complex characters and twisted plots but he was also a playwright for the people and his plays were both involving and engaging. Elsie and Norm’s “Macbeth” has fun with Shakespeare and, at the same time, presents his murderous Macbeth with great love and energy by using modern language.

A Touch of Vintage
A Touch of Vintage, in the center of Copenhagen, is a new performance space, which can be used for theatre, intimate concerts and poetry readings. The room is in the basement of the shop, with an entrance from Badstuestræde, close to the pedestrian street. It is an intimate space with room for around 30 people. This production is the inaugural show for both Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre and A Touch of Vintage.

Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre is Copenhagen’s newest English-based theatre company, which aims to produce the highest quality professional theatre, with a multi-disciplined and multi-textural aesthetic. Copenhagen needs a multi-lingual theatre that breaks boundaries and dares to present new and innovative works; a theatre company that challenges the traditional theatrical framework, engaging multi-cultural audiences where they are and speaking with them on their terms. This is the way forward for a more diverse theatre scene in Denmark, bringing more cultural offerings and experiences to all.

Director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen says, ”With Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre, I want to bring something new and innovative to everyone, but especially the international community in Copenhagen. I want to create a place where you can experience something you’ve never seen or heard before, something that engages you and makes you think about the world in a new way. We are removing the labels: classic, traditional, contemporary, English; for us everything is mixed and matched in new and exciting ways, where you never know what you might find. Just like Alice in Wonderland, when you go Down the Rabbit Hole with us, you will enter an exciting and new world that will challenge and stretch your imagination.”

For more information about Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen:

For more information about Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre:

Press Contact
Gaby Lewin. Phone: 2321 4694. Email:

Why Not Theatre Company presents:love-and-money-signature


Copenhagen premiere 7th April 2016, at Bådteatret

On Thursday 7th April 2016, Why Not Theatre Company returns to Bådteatret with the Copenhagen premiere of LOVE AND MONEY, by British playwright Dennis Kelly.

Kelly’s remarkable drama holds a cracked mirror up to our modern world of easy credit and compulsive shopping. Money can’t buy love but debt can destroy relationships. In the play we meet David and Jess who were once so much in love with each
other. But Jess is a shopaholic and their relationship is threatened as David finds himself trapped in a suffocating prison of hideous debt. As Jess and David’s marriage twists and burns, they are driven to desperate measures.

Within Bådteatret’s intimate and almost claustrophic space, society’s financial myths and our increasingly perverse attitudes to excessive spending and materialism are placed firmly under the microscope. Our audience will experience 7 quite unpredictable and fragmented scenes in which bodies and characters gradually disintegrate as David and Jess fight to keep their heads above water. Compelling, shocking and disturbingly funny, LOVE AND MONEY is a sharply written, brilliant drama that dares us to step inside a world of excessive greed and ugly debt.

LOVE AND MONEY follows previous successes

Since 2010, Why Not Theatre Company has proved itself to be Denmark’s leading professional English-language theatre company. It provides powerful theatre that moves, inspires and engages; tells thought-provoking stories and explores texts of high literary quality.

The Company has previously performed a number of critically acclaimed productions, including VITA & VIRGINIA (CaféTeatret 2011), WIT (Bådteatret 2014), A TENDER THING (Bådteatret 2015) and SECRETS (Halmlageret, Carlsberg 2015).

Directed by Mia Lipschitz
On stage: Sue Hansen-Styles, Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen, Bennett Thorpe and Sira Stampe.

LOVE AND MONEY plays at Bådteatret, Nyhavn from 7th – 29th April 2016, in English. Mon – Fri 8pm; Sat 5pm
For more information, see and

Ticket information: or 70 20 20 96

Pilates classes pilates

Pilates with Kirsten Larsen

“In order to achieve happiness, it is imperative to gain mastery of your body. If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong then you are young.” Joseph Pilates

Would you like to join our international pilates classes? We hold classes that run for 10 weeks at a time from beginner to intermediate level.

Come and join other internationals for these fun closed classes. Provides you with an opportunity to get a great workout and to meet others in the area.

If you have a group of 8 friends who want to train together we can happily arrange a private class for you.

Where: AP Sundhedscenter
Hans Edvard Teglers Vej 7 2
2920 Charlottenlund


Kirsten Larsen, Cert. Power Pilates Instructor, Cert. TRX Instructor

Høeghs Alle 4, 1 sal

2820 Gentofte

Tel: +45 28889505

Cost: 10 weeks closed group 1,300 dkk

TRX Classes trx

What is TRX?

It was developed by the Navy SEALS to ensure that wherever they were posted, they had an effective exercise programme.

Suspension Training® is a method of leveraged body weight exercises where you can set up the portable TRX Suspension Trainer anywhere and work out hundreds of different moves

The diversity of this training system and programming is unique in its development but simple to perform, though you will be challenged as every movement requires balance and core strength. If you do not have either, the TRX will develop it and take care of all the neglected muscle groups your regular program misses. This can be done as a supplemental plan for athletes or it can be a stand alone program for people at every level of fitness.

The workout helps you increase strength, flexibility, balance and choose your own intensity level.

AP Sundhedscenter
Hans Edvard Teglers Vej 7 2
2920 Charlottenlund


Kirsten Larsen, Cert. Power Pilates Instructor, Cert. TRX Instructor

Høeghs Alle 4, 1 sal

2820 Gentofte

Tel: +45 28889505

Cost: 10 weeks closed group 1,300 dkk

For those looking for a great new resource about Copenhagen, moving to the city, living in it and hopefully and happily settling into it… here is Angloinfo – the global expat network. angloinfo

Angloinfo offers a guide to local events, directory of thousands of local, English-speaking businesses, expat advice, classified listings and well researched information on relocation topics. For more on Angloinfo, please go to

cookandspeakCook and Speak French or Italian!

Two of life’s greatest pleasures at your fingertips! Practice the language you love, learn about the culture, cook delicious and simple Mediterranean food, dine like the French or Italian and finally… ready for your next trip!

Lunch and dinner available for booking !

For more information please visit  or  our Facebook page.



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