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Why Not Theatre Company presents:

World premiere: 11th September 2015 – a secret place somewhere in Carlsberg city

Why Not Theatre Company is one of Denmark’s leading English-speaking theatre companies, renowned for productions such as “Vita & Virginia” at CaféTeatret in 2011, for “Wit” (2014) and “A Tender Thing” (2015) at Bådteatret. “Wit” was nominated by CPHCulture as one of the best productions in Season 2014/15 and Why Not’s Artistic Director and actress Sue Hansen-Styles was awarded Best Actress in Danish theatre in the same season.

Now, the little theatre company returns with a new, exciting “devised” production, SECRETS, which has its world premiere on September 11th in a secret place somewhere in Carlsberg city, Copenhagen V.
3 actors. 3 generations. 1 musician. Many secrets.

Why do we all have secrets? What is/are your neighbour, your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your parents keeping from you? What is your biggest, deepest, most embarrassing or most grotesque secret? Have you ever told anyone else about it? Why? Why not? Can you keep a secret? How does it feel when someone tells you their secret, or when you tell a secret – either your own, or somebody else’s?

Join us on a musical and poetical journey; a journey through all our secrets – from the most embarrassing to the most grotesque.

For the first time ever, Why Not Theatre Company explores a new, experimental theatre form, where Director, Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen, weaves together short stories written by Tanja Mastilo, a Copenhagen-based Serbian writer, with the team’s own secrets and spices it all up with music and poetry. The decision to play SECRETS outside the traditional theatre, where everything tends to be safe and recognizable, is a conscious one: we meet at Café Elefanten at Carlsberg no later than 15 minutes before the performance starts and are then guided – on foot – to a secret place.

SECRETS is directed by young American director, Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen. On stage are Sue Hansen-Styles (58), Nathan Meister (38), Alexandra Jespersen (18) and musician Rasmus Rhode (his age is a secret).

The production plays from 11th – 26th September 2015, in English.

Ticket information:
11th – 26th September (see for playing dates and times)
Meeting place: Café Elefanten, Pasteursvej 20, 1799 Copenhagen (30 minutes before the performance starts)

Adults: 140 kr.
Youth (under 25): 70 kr.
Groups adults (min. 10 adults): 100 kr.
Groups youth (min. 6 people): 40 kr.

Ticket purchase: or Tlf: 70 20 20 96
30 minutes before the performance starts at Café Elefanten, Pasteursvej 20, 1799 Copenhagen V. (cash or Mobile Pay)

Pilates classes pilates

Pilates with Kirsten Larsen

“In order to achieve happiness, it is imperative to gain mastery of your body. If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong then you are young.” Joseph Pilates

Would you like to join our international pilates classes? We hold classes that run for 10 weeks at a time from beginner to intermediate level.

Come and join other internationals for these fun closed classes. Provides you with an opportunity to get a great workout and to meet others in the area.

If you have a group of 8 friends who want to train together we can happily arrange a private class for you.

Where: AP Sundhedscenter
Hans Edvard Teglers Vej 7 2
2920 Charlottenlund


Kirsten Larsen, Cert. Power Pilates Instructor, Cert. TRX Instructor

Høeghs Alle 4, 1 sal

2820 Gentofte

Tel: +45 28889505

Cost: 10 weeks closed group 1,300 dkk

TRX Classes trx

What is TRX?

It was developed by the Navy SEALS to ensure that wherever they were posted, they had an effective exercise programme.

Suspension Training® is a method of leveraged body weight exercises where you can set up the portable TRX Suspension Trainer anywhere and work out hundreds of different moves

The diversity of this training system and programming is unique in its development but simple to perform, though you will be challenged as every movement requires balance and core strength. If you do not have either, the TRX will develop it and take care of all the neglected muscle groups your regular program misses. This can be done as a supplemental plan for athletes or it can be a stand alone program for people at every level of fitness.

The workout helps you increase strength, flexibility, balance and choose your own intensity level.

AP Sundhedscenter
Hans Edvard Teglers Vej 7 2
2920 Charlottenlund


Kirsten Larsen, Cert. Power Pilates Instructor, Cert. TRX Instructor

Høeghs Alle 4, 1 sal

2820 Gentofte

Tel: +45 28889505

Cost: 10 weeks closed group 1,300 dkk

For those looking for a great new resource about Copenhagen, moving to the city, living in it and hopefully and happily settling into it… here is Angloinfo – the global expat network. angloinfo

Angloinfo offers a guide to local events, directory of thousands of local, English-speaking businesses, expat advice, classified listings and well researched information on relocation topics. For more on Angloinfo, please go to

cookandspeakCook and Speak French or Italian!

Two of life’s greatest pleasures at your fingertips! Practice the language you love, learn about the culture, cook delicious and simple Mediterranean food, dine like the French or Italian and finally… ready for your next trip!

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