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For those looking for a great new resource about Copenhagen, moving to the city, living in it and hopefully and happily settling into it… here is Angloinfo – the global expat network. angloinfo

Angloinfo offers a guide to local events, directory of thousands of local, English-speaking businesses, expat advice, classified listings and well researched information on relocation topics. For more on Angloinfo, please go to www.angloinfo.com.

The NauseaNelson Rodrigues: Doroteia

For the first time an European audience will have the chance to see a play based on Nelson Rodrigue’s work. Mr. Rodrigues is Brazil’s most respected and controversial Theater author. Under the artistic direction of Marcello Bosschar, the “Café dell’Arte” amalgamates the strong imagery of physical Theater with the emotional depths of a hyper-naturalistic acting resulting in an intriguing and unique Theatrical experience.

Adapted from Nelsons Rodrigues’ play Dorotéia
Marcello Bosschar


For generations, a curse has haunted the women of Dorotéia’s Family: Ever since their great grandmother turned her back on love, “the nausea” has fallen upon each of them on their wedding night – except Dorotéia. Running desperately from the “sins” of her old life, she comes to the door of her widowed aunts. Hoping to become as them, “ugly and without hips”, she starts down a road to strip away her beauty and forsake love for all eternity. But her entrance sets things in motion, and soon sexuality is slowly seeping in through the cracks in the house, corroding the ancient laws of that place.

Not suitable for children under 16.

Practical info:
6th of April,
Nørre Alle, 7 20:00
tickets 150,00, at:


For further info, please contact: [email protected]

2014 starts out with two exciting, intense and strong plays in English.

An evening at the theatre beckons….

That Theatre Company presents God of Carnage by Yasmina RezaGodofcarnage

A viciously funny and biting comedy that takes place in the aftermath of a playground fight between two schoolboys. Their parents decide to “meet” to talk it out. What starts as a polite discussion soon degenrates into verbal warfare with all four adults revealing their own issues and true colours.

Winner of both the Tony and Laurence Olivier Award for “Best Play” – God of Carnage is a fastpaced comedic satire described as a “comedy of manners…without the manners.”

19th february – 22nd March 2014
Monday-Friday 8 pm, Saturday 5 pm.

Serridslevvej 2
2100 København Ø

For more please visit That Theatre Company.

Why Not Theatre presents WIT by Margaret Edson wit

Vivian Bearing, a professor in English renaissance literature, has been admitted to hospital, where she is being treated for advanced metastatic ovarian cancer. All her adult life she has hidden her real persona behind a crisp, academic mask. But now, as hospital doctors and personnel barge into her room at all times of day and night and refer to her in the third person as though she were just another statistic, Vivian finds it increasingly difficult to cope and come to terms with her new situation.

Pulitzer prize-winning WIT is a heartbreakingly funny, unsentimental and uplifting story about human relationships, values, forgiveness and empathy, seen in the light of a woman’s imminent death.

On stage: Sue Hansen-Styles, Andrew Jeffers, Bennet Thorpe, Miriam Yeager, Eira Pryce
Directed by: Peter Dupont Weiss

6. – 22. MARCH 2014
MON – FRI: 20.00 SAT: 17.00

cookandspeakCook and Speak French or Italian!

Two of life’s greatest pleasures at your fingertips! Practice the language you love, learn about the culture, cook delicious and simple Mediterranean food, dine like the French or Italian and finally…..be ready for your next trip!

Lunch and dinner available for booking !

For more information please visit cookandspeak.com  or  our Facebook page.



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