Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider


Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider, reviewed by Sophia Christodoulou (age 13) Thanks Sophia!

Extraordinary Means is a read that will broaden your knowledge on what it is like to be a sick teenager. Lane lived a fairly normal life as a teenager: applying to colleges, hanging out with friends and family and working none stop to get into the best college. When he is diagnosed with tuberculosis he is sent to a sanitarium called Latham house where he is treated as though he is on vacation. He meets Sadie and her friends and learns how to operate at Latham to ensure he beats the disease and gets the most out of the ‘vacation’. As Lane and Sadie fall in love their world becomes filled with excitement and adventure. But when hope starts to occur and their group of friends start to get sicker, their worlds threaten to come crashing down.

If you have never understood what it is like for a sick teen or the challenges they go through, this book will help you get a better sense of how their lives operate and their perspective of of life as a teenager.

Extraordinary Means is written simply, with hints of humor, insight, and facts about tuberculosis. What I really enjoyed about this book is that it showed me issues that sick teens faced that I had never considered a problem. It broadened my knowledge about the consequences of tuberculosis and showed very meaningful insight about the characters. The writer's style reminded me of a John Green novel so I think if you are a man of his books you will love Extraordinary Means.

Thanks Sophia!

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