Girl Up by Laura Bates


Book of the Week - Girl Up by Laura Bates, reviewed by Natalie Kelly-Haigh (one of our young readers). Thanks Natalie for a strong review!

"Girl Up is like a combination of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Chicken Soup for the Soul, except not for the faint hearted.

Girl Up is a perfect, well researched and honest book. It states the facts, mocks the ridiculousness of gender inequality, and unapologetically gives the happiness and confidence that in today’s world, too many teenage girls need. Girl Up made me feel so welcome and at home, reminding me how proud I am to be a feminist.

Girl Up can be enjoyed by everyone, especially feminists who will love the articulate humour and easy relation to the author’s words. It is a needed and comforting voice that should be heard by everyone.

This book is a masterpiece by Laura Bates, who is one of the only people capable of elegantly displaying dancing vaginas, swearing and patriarchy busting. The book is so funny and many times I found myself in hysterics while reading. Laura Bates harnessed the ability to mix humour and seriousness together, in a page turning and delightful book.

Girl Up is a necessary and solid book, filled with stories from girls, experiments from children, real-life facts and Laura Bates’ mature and strong words. Laura Bates managed to juice the simple and important things to do with gender equality, pouring them into pages.

I am still amazed by the book, for it has had a real impact on me, despite how much I felt the same way towards gender equality before reading it. Girl Up is a special and unique book, designed for special and unique people. Plenty are, but I can guarantee that they will be even more so after they read Girl Up."


Austin Sailsbury