I'm Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi


Reviewed by our very own Luaras Morina

I first heard about Luvvie Ajayi and her debut book on “The Read” podcast, which is hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle. Unknown to me, Luvvie Ajayi is a famous blogger, pop-culture critic and comedian. I was convinced that thiswas going to be my next book and I couldn’t wait to read it.

My first impressions, when starting to read the book, were that Luvvie Ajayi is honest, funny and likeable. She made me laugh out loud. Not like a when you text “LOL” in a serious face but like a serious and uncontrollable laugh out loud.

The book is split into four parts: Life, Culture, Social Media and Fame. I was sucked into the book right away and before I knew it, I was done and left wanting more. Luvvie tells the truth in a series of essays that depict and reflect our everyday lives. From minor thoughts on people that share Facebook updates of deceased people, to the over sharing relationship fanatics that display a“Days of Our Lives” mantra, to religious fanatics and eBehaviour - Luvvie is here to judge you. Hey, she even judged me for my Instagram obsessions of #HashtaggingComplicatedSentences #SorryNotSorry

“I’m Judding You” is an easy ready with a quirky take on certain slag words that you can’t help but laugh along to. The substance in the book is an opportunity to get a better understand of today’s world. It should not be mistaken as a comedy biography but rather a serious commentary with a humorous touch.

As Luvvie says “I am not asking them [readers] to make speeches on how they have a dream. I am, however, challenging people to not stay silent as the world crumbles”.

If I were you and are looking for a late Spring-early Summer read then this is the book. I promise you that you won’t regret it. Enjoy #lifewithluaras



Isabella Smith