The Whiz Mob And The Grenadine Kid by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis

The Whiz Mob And The Grenadine Kid by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis

'The Whiz Mob And The Grenadine Kid' is an enchanted tale of friendship pickpocketing and intriguing adventures. I read this book in less than 5 days it kept making me turn the page countless times non stop, hanging to every word the book told you. One reason that I loved this book is how the author really describes the setting in the story, in this case Marseille 1961, the pearl of the mediterranean. I also really enjoyed the storyline, with all its twists and turns, pickpocketing and binging (means to steal or pickpocket in whiz Mob slang).

Briefly the storyline is simple but thorough and very catchy, Charlie Fisher is a rich american 12 year old, who meets a pickpocket band called the Whiz Mob. He slowly gets closer and closer to the gang and starts to take part in their pickpocket robberies and routines. At that point his life takes a completely different turn, and more important things are at stake. My favourite character in this book is Charlie due to his courage, love for writing and intelligence. If you love dramatic adventure (and pickpocketing) I highly recommend this book!

 Reviewed by Lahiri Paolella (Aged 11)

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