Frederik Sandwich and the earthquake that couldn’t possibly be by Kevin John Scott


Frederik Sandwich and the earthquake that couldn’t possibly be by Kevin John Scott

'Frederik Sandwich and the earthquake that couldn’t possibly be' is a fantastic tale based in the near environment of the scandinavian countries. Frederik Sandwich was born in Frederik’s Hill where almost every male in the town was called Frederik. However he is not completely from the place, Frederick was born on Frederiks hill  because his family moved there before he was born, hoping to start a new and peaceful life. Although the fact that Frederik Sandwich was born on Frederik’s Hill he wasn’t treated the same way as the rest of the inhabitants of the hill. Frederik was constantly bullied at school and throughout his day. But when a peculiar ‘earthquake’ occurs at Frederik’s Hill Frederiks life changes forever. With Pernille tha strange and so called ‘freak’ or ‘weirdo’ of the school drags Frederik Sandwich into an investigation on the peculiar events that are occuring throughout Frederik’s Hill. The two soon discover intriguing facts on the towns history and on her ‘ladyship the mayor’ Muriel Kristensen. Frederik and Pernille discover the whereabouts of a crazy tramp and a train conductor and will do the impossible to save the mayor from being harmed.  Will Frederik and Pernille save Frederik’s Hill…

My favourite character in this fantastic book is Pernille, I love her smartness and quick-thinking, her agility and caringness. I can compare many skills and attributes to her including her love for reading and thirst for adventure. My opinion on this novel is that it is very gripping and is full to the brim with intriguing characters, marvelous plots, mysterious cases, and most of all friendship and trust. I love the way this novel makes you turn the pages non stop always looking forward for a new chapter and twist and turns to the already quirky storyline. I, Lahiri Paolella greatly recommend to all the Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart fans and all other magnificent and quirky books, and trust me this book will amaze you!     

Reviewed by Lahiri Paolella (Aged 11)

Happy reading! 

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