The Explorer by Katherine Rundell


The Explorer by Katherine Rundell

The Explorer is a book filled to the brim with intrepid characters, deadly animals of the Amazon rainforest and a lost city in the neverending wild. Fred is on an airplane directed to Manaus, with him are two brazilian looking kids a boy and a girl,  whose names are Max and Lila, and a anxious looking british girl whose name is Con. Everything is quite normal until the airplane crashes in the Amazon rainforest. The only survivors of the crash are the kids, Fred, Max, Lila and Con. They soon realize that they have to work together to survive in the harsh jungle. During their daring  journey through the amazon they discover a cigar box with a mysterious map inside - that's when the journey really starts. So now the intrepid children follow the map in the cigar box to a lost city during their voyage they encounter a baby sloth who is taken care by the animal loving Lila. The kids soon arrive to the lost city marked by the map after weeks of surviving and hard work. There they cross paths with a intruiging man whom they nickname The Explorer. But the kids are not sure he is entirely willing to help…

I loved this book because of the complexity of the characters and the gripping storyline full of courage and nature. My favourite character in the novel is Fred the intelligent and daring young man, who is very fascinated by the explorers of lost cities and archeologists of old civilaizations. I reccomend this book to fans of M.G. Leonard and all books filled with Kid - Power!

Reviewed by Lahiri Paolella (Aged 11)

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