The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur


The sun and her flowers is like a warm cup of tea to comfort your soul and a sweet symphony that you'll find your heart twirling and dancing to. This unique and beautiful poetry book is divided up into five different chapters that explore the cycle of wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. Through this book you are taken on a rollercoaster ride of the ups and the downs, the beauty and the pain, the hope and the fear, the strength and the weakness, and the love and the hate.

What really sparked my fondness for this book and enriched the reading experience for me, were the raw and delicate illustrations that accompanied the poems. The illustrations are done by Rupi herself, and add a new fresh layer of depth and meaning. I also love how the collection of poems in each chapter delve into a distinct and diverse sea of emotions, thoughts and topics that people can connect with and relate to in different ways. You will come out with a new sense of strength and power after reading this book, as the words will guide you on a journey from wilting and being at your lowest point to blooming and reaching your highest point.

The sun and her flowers is the perfect book to lift you up and inspire you on a dark and gloomy day. The sun and her flowers is the perfect book to pick up all your broken pieces and make them new and whole again. The sun and her flowers is the perfect book for anyone looking to escape and get lost in the pure beauty and fluency of poetry.

Reviewed by Vindhya Kathuria 

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Hannah Gough