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Alkaline Living with Bettina Delfs

  • Books & Company 1 Sofievej Hellerup, 2900 Denmark (map)


Everybody deserves a joyful and healthy life

Alkaline Living is a simple, safe and effective way to cure sickness and to stay vital and healthy. It’s holistic, ancient wisdom – and it is scientifically proven. It makes you feel good and it slows down the aging process. The key is to restore and maintain a proper alkaline-acid balance in your body through diet, training and mental attitude. And it’s pretty easy to do!

So why struggle with fatigue, stress, stomach problems and other everyday challenges? Why not go for well-being, health and happiness - just by following some simple advice on diet and exercise.

In 1931 biochemist Otto Warburg got The Nobel Prize for proving that cancer cells cannot multiply in an alkaline oxygenated body.

This evening we will focus on how and why we should live an alkaline lifestyle, and talk about all the positive effects you will get.

The book gives you a number of options to put together your own personal and balanced lifestyle.

EAT - Choose your diet

You get delicious basic recipes that nourish your body and calm your mind. Further-more it reduces your craving for sugar and junk food. An overview of food products that tells you what creates alkaline and acid in your body enables you to put together your own diet.

MOVE - Trim your body

Alkaline Living gives you ways to optimize your physical strength and endurance. The training exercises form and tighten up your muscles, giving you a beautiful posture.

LOVE-  Ease your mind

You get simple methods to get rid of negative emotions, experiences and beliefs that prevent you from unfolding your full potential and fulfilling your dreams.

For more than 30 years META-coach, lecturer and Body Balance founder Bettinna Delfs has helped people to gain an alkaline lifestyle and to reach their full potential in a joyful and easy way.