Hit Refresh


Hello and welcome to 2018!

Much has been and will surely continue to be said of 2017, but only time and perspective will allow historians to truly judge the events set in motion and the individuals responsible.

For now, most of us can probably agree that the year was notable in large part for its surprising and often unpredictable choices, declarations, movements and disclosures. 

History has seen better years, but it has also seen much worse and the stroke of midnight offers, as always, an opportunity to hit refresh, learn from past experiences and carry with us across the finish line the good while leaving behind the bad.

The most serious danger posed by 2017 was the sense of impending dread and doom that covered us like a heavy blanket threatening to suffocate us with negativity and growing cynicism. Disappointment in our fellow men and women began to eat away at core values we hold dear and which are part of the makeup of any successful society: trust, respect and the belief in the goodness of others.

Fortunately, we are not yet too far down the rabbit hole to turn back, undo, start over and refresh. We can and must shift focus to the positive, to the fact that most people - by far - are good, want to do good and that good (perhaps even great) leaders are in our future and can indeed lead the way to a more inclusive, more tolerant and brighter year ahead.

That’s the beauty of a new year!

At Books & Company we would like to start the new year by thanking you for the old. As always, we are overwhelmed by and greatly appreciate your support and commitment to a small bookshop in Hellerup. We love the conversations, the shared stories and the laughs that make our days so bright, interesting and full of hope.

Thank you for loving books - and our company!

Happy New Year!

Isabella and the staff of Books & Company

Isabella Smith