A personal Books & Company library!


It has been a true pleasure to help curate and create a library for The Apartment’s gorgeous two bedroom apartment now available for rent.

Vogue magazine’s Brooke Bobb spent the night ‘inside Copenhagen’s Chicest Design Store’ and wrote a glowing review with a special mention of the library!

‘There were loads of books, too, from those on Cy Twombly to a tome dedicated to the Danish jewelry label Griegst. This, in fact, was a signature touch from the clever and curious proprietor. “The luxury of having time to read books is something that I prioritize when I travel,” Busck explained. “Therefore, it was important for me to fill the apartment with interesting literature on art, design, and architecture.” ’

We suggest taking a few minutes to read the wonderful review of The Apartment’s apartment in Vogue magazine, and leave you with the final words which perfectly sum up Brooke Bobb’s experience:

‘Again, I thought about all of the beautiful hotels, rentals, and resorts that I’ve stayed in. But at that kitchen table I thought, for the first time in my travels, I could really live here. A home sweet home, indeed.’

Isabella Smith