Battle of the Beetles by M. G. Leonard


Battle of the Beetles by M.G. Leonard

The last-gasp conclusion of the Beetle Boy series. This book starts off from where the previous novel of the series (Beetle Queen) wrapped up. Darkus, Virginia and Bertolt just returned from their trip to Los Angeles film awards, where the evil fashionista Lucretia Cutter based her latest attack on humanity, threatening the globe of beetle infestations on crops around the world.

However Darkus and his friends held tight and vigorously fought against Lucretia Cutter who now is an enormous titan beetle, due to the effects of the pupator. But Lucretia didn’t leave before snatching Darkus's just found father, Bartholomew Cuttle. Although the struggle Darkus's Dad managed to share the coordinates of Lucretia's biome in the middle of the Amazon. Now, Darkus, his friends and Uncle Max ( and the beetles from base camp) are plotting a risky trip to the biome to save the world, and Darkus’s Dad. Using Uncle Maxes friends plane they manage to travel to the amazon. When they arrive they have to face the harsh Amazon Rainforest, fighting snakes, facing incredibly spiteful monkeys, and keeping away from any dangerous animals. But in the end when they get to the Biome things don’t quite go as planned.  Darkus and his friends now have to face Lucretia Cutter for (hopefully the last time)... 

I've read hundreds of books but I think this one hugely entertained me. For I highly recommend this book to all beetle fans around the globe (mostly those who have read Darkus previous adventures). Due to its fabulous characters whom I love immensely. Also to M.G. Leonards wonderful writing style. So believe go to one of the only English bookstores in Copenhagen, Books & Company and read it yourself.

Reviewed by Lahiri Paolella (Aged 11)

Happy reading! 

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