Fortune Smiles by Adam Johnson


Fortune Smiles by Adam Johnson

Fortune Smiles is a morally complex and thought provoking collection of short stories, embedded with love, loss, technology and disaster.

Entwined within these themes are characters you least expected to meet. A former Stasi prison warden, unwilling to come to terms with his inhumane past. A UPS driver desperately searching for the mother of his son in the aftermath of hurricane torn Louisiana. A refugee from North Korea disturbed by his new freedom. A woman plagued by a terminal illness, trapped alone with the unsettling thoughts in her mind of how life will continue on without her.   

From Louisiana to Berlin to North and South Korea, the reader is taken on a tour of devastated american cities to abandoned prison chambers. Stories that are tucked away in the corners and hidden in the shadows of the world you know but don't fully understand. These riveting stories will introduce you to new realities, new personalities, and new outlooks on life.

This collection of short stories balance on the fragile seesaw between life and death, right and wrong and good and bad. They are filled with unique and unusual characters that practically leap right off the pages straight into your mind. These new voices will confuse you, fascinate you and will continue to reside in your thoughts long after reading this book.

Fortune Smiles is the type of book, whose characters, settings and perspectives you can't help but revisit and question, because of just how intriguing and layered they are.

Reviewed by Vindhya Kathuria

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