Inferior by Angela Saini


Inferior by Angela Saini

Inferior is the type of book you didn't know you needed. A book that tears back and bites through the stitches of “science” that are woven together to form our basic understanding of men and women. It diligently combs through the countless studies and experiments in the name of biology, psychology and anthropology, uncovering the tangles and knots of sexism and bias embedded within science.

Inferior defies everything you thought you knew about gender differences, rewriting the story about women's evolutionary history and debunking the popular myths regarding women's minds and bodies. Charles Darwin once said, “I certainly think that women though generally superior to men in moral qualities are inferior intellectually.” These are the statements and theories that Angela Saini challenges and interrogates throughout her book, just for a moment taking the “man” out of mankind,  and instead offering a “kind” and unbiased perspective on the truth about the female sex.

A deeply empowering, thought provoking and informative fresh breath of air. I cannot stress enough how necessary and important of a read this book is. It will leave you with a new sense of knowledge and a questioning and curious taste, gifting you with your own personal microscope that you didn't know you needed.

Reviewed by Vindhya Kathuria

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