My Purple Scented Novel by Ian McEwan


My Purple Scented Novel by Ian McEwan

Published in celebration of the author’s 70th Birthday in June, My Purple Scented Novel is a tightly woven little story, a classic Ian McEwan. The story of two university friends turned writers whose lives follow very different trajectories with varying success only to cross paths in an unexpected and diabolic way. The pocket size 34 page book pulls you in from the very beginning with its smooth surface and uneasy undercurrent.

Recognizably McEwan and reminiscent of the Roald Dahl’s sinister Tales of the Unexpected which some readers may remember from the 1980’s television productions.

“I heard that two friends entertained themselves by dreaming up all the ways one writer might ruin the life of another. But this was different. It may sound improbable, given what followed, but on that morning I had no thoughts of causing Jocelyn any harm. I was thinking only of myself. I had ambitions.”

A mind bender of a little book to put in your pocket, read on the bus, the train or on a sun soaked beach.

Happy Reading!

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Hannah Gough